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Exodynamic focuses on high-quality software delivery from planning to testing. We focus on very minute details when engineering the product so the final release is near perfect, we're able to achieve this only because of our genius workforce and for the reason we only work on a couple of projects simultaneously. Quality > Quantity.

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We don't maintain a portfolio. We take NDA (non-disclosure agreement) very seriously. We're basically a software company for software companies. If your project pipeline is about to burst, don't worry; we're here to lend you a hand with full transparency.

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GymPal interface in a laptop and a mobile phone

Easily manage your gym.

Gym Management System to Manage
your Gym the right way.

Gympal lets you track your members’ health, attendance, payments and even workouts and much more so you will never miss any important details. It is designed to work with any kind of fitness institutions, gyms, martial artist classes, yoga classes or anything to do with fitness.

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